Oil Filter – OEM

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OEM Toyota Oil Filter


Please select type: J3 is the biggest and J1 is the smallest.

J1 – 3K, 4K, 4AFE, 7AFE, 4EF(T)E, 3SFE, 1ZZ,2ZZ,3ZZ,4ZZ

J2 – 4AG 16V & 20V, 3SGTE Gen2&3,

J3 – 2JZ, 3SGTE Gen1

S2: FA20 – Toyota GT86

*J3 is the biggest and *J1 is the smallest, It’s usually a good thing to use J2 instead of J1 for all 3S Engines, However in some cases it might not fit due to conflict with exhaust system.

*Picture for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary from picture.